I am sure you have all heard the quote often attributed to Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you are unhappy, or dissatisfied, or feeling somewhat discontented with your current status and desire something else, you need to do something different. You have to disrupt things.

How do you do that?

First, let’s acknowledge that sometimes change happens that leads to the results you desire without you changing what you are currently doing. Maybe you have been working on activities that provide results in the longer term, such as consistently attending that breakfast networking meeting and developing the know, like, and trust factors that are necessary to get referrals. After a while, the people in the group feel confident in referring someone to you and, before you know it, you have recovered the cost of joining and even made a profit. That would be an example of letting the actions play out to see results.

If that isn’t happening… What do you need to do?

You need to examine your current actions and determine which ones are effective. What actions are you taking that are giving you some degree of success? With my cleaning business, I used to advertise in a monthly hard copy newsletter that was delivered by the postal service to specific neighbourhoods that I wanted to develop. After about six months, I could predict two new clients every time I advertised. That worked great for me until they changed their program and I could no longer advertise with them due to territory overlap.

I also belonged to a breakfast networking group. It was so large that I, a serious introvert, had trouble making more than one or two connections each time. Besides attending the breakfasts, I did everything I could to make connections: I phoned members, I volunteered at the registration desk, spent a day handing out water and apples during the golf tournament, I scheduled coffees with members… This group was not the right group for me. I tried it for two years and then I started looking for a new group. I found another, smaller group and things have been fabulous since. Notice that I didn’t give up after one year. I played it out. And one of the people from the big group introduced me to the smaller group. So, it wasn’t a loss.

Another factor in getting different results is the magnitude of your change. If you do very little marketing and then come out and implement a full marketing plan, that can definitely change your results.

Lastly, what are your habits? How are you managing your day and week? Do you do a revenue generating activity every day? Do you let your plan fall apart because something happened in your personal life or do you still get things done despite the drama?

I have some decent habits in place, and yet, I know that I could always improve. My biggest challenge is overcoming perfectionism. If I let it, my hang-up with perfectionism would stop me from sending out my newsletter. I could always find a better way to say something, a more poignant way to make a point, more things to offer. Eventually, I have to decide that done is better than perfect and good enough is indeed good enough.

Your homework:

  1. Look at the actions you are taking and determine which ones are getting you some degree of success. Keep doing those. Consider tweaking them to make them better.
  2. Stop doing the actions that are not getting you results. Make sure you gave it enough time. Remember that someone needs to see you 7-12 times before they think of you.
  3. Decide where you can up your game and improve the magnitude of your actions.
  4. Explore your habits.

Go out and be a success.

Remember that I am here to help with that.