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I am working on rediscovering the things that make me happy. A nice cup of tea while sitting on the sofa watching the snow fall. Knitting a blanket, thinking about the recipient. Driving down the highway, singing along with the radio. Losing track of time while I plan a trip.
When I tap into these small things, it helps spark my creativity in other parts of my life. Like deciding to get rid of the Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates by popping them into cupcakes. [Tip: Just place them on top of the batter. The cake batter will rise around the chocolate yumminess, effectively hiding it inside the cupcake.] Doing something that makes you happy is contagious. So find what it is and make time to do it.
It is good to track which of your marketing efforts have worked and those which have not worked. The source of your clients may surprise you, as well as how long they have been part of your community.
Packing and unpacking used to take a long time. As I have travelled a lot more than I ever did before starting a business, I have gotten better at it. I stay on track with the use of a checklist. After every trip, I review the checklist and modify as necessary. What would make things better? What was unnecessary? How can I make travel that much easier on myself? Also, by having a checklist, I never forget my phone charger… or at least not since I added it to the list.

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Not actively looking for you 97%
Open to buying your stuff but not searching 93%
Need you sometime in the future 30%
Don’t know they need you 30%

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