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5 Ways to Prepare to Work with a Mentor

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Congratulations! You have found a mentor who is willing to work with you! You thought finding the mentor was the hard part, but really, the hard work begins now. Some people think that the mentor is responsible for setting up the meetings, having an agenda, and do all the heavy lifting. This is not the [...]

Did You Just Get Back from a Conference? Here’s What to Do!

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If you are like many of us, when you go to a conference, you get inspired, take great notes, meet new people, refresh acquaintances, and then go home. Not much happens after that. We have the best of intentions. The event was fantastic; there was so much to learn; you wish you could have gone [...]

10 Steps to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

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I put this together for a client group, which resulted in a fantastic booklet with action steps and exercises. Here are the highlights. Step 1: Know where you want to go. Each step in your career takes you in a direction. Are you going where you want to go? Take some time to evaluate where you [...]

Why You Should Review Your Targets Daily

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If you have been hanging around with me for a while, you will know that I recommend you do something and add that it triggers something in your subconscious. For example, there is this entry in my Facebook group from over the weekend: Reviewing your targets every day triggers something in your subconscious. You will [...]

Giving Feedback Isn’t As Hard As You Think

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To be effective managers, we need to manage our employees and their performance. One of the most powerful ways to guide and coach our team members is by providing feedback. Yet providing feedback seems so hard to do. We often want to avoid pain, either our pain in facing the issue or the possible pain [...]

Setting Boundaries in 5 Easy Steps

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As an entrepreneur, it may happen that your work life and your home life become one big blur. You say you work 'during the day', and yet it is after dinner you see your computer over there and you decide to spend a few minutes taking care of a few things. The next thing you [...]

Tips On Tackling A Big Project

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A project is really anything that takes more than one step or more than 30 minutes to complete. For example, writing a newsletter like this one is a project. I need a topic, an opening letter, graphics, and the various other parts. It needs to be written, reviewed, and then scheduled into email software and my [...]

With Growth, There Is Pain

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In March, my residential cleaning business had a huge growth spurt. The franchise was awarded an exclusive contract with a local employer to provide cleaning services to their employees. It was fantastic news. It was also scary news.  It meant I needed to hire and train new people to handle the new client base. That is [...]

Money Mindset: 15 Revenue Generating Activities

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When you work with a business coach, one of the things you will be told is to work on revenue generating activities. Yes, it is important to file your taxes and pay your suppliers. But without revenue, you won’t have taxes or suppliers to pay. What are revenue generating activities? They are what you do [...]

How To Succeed at Hiring an Assistant

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You have reached the point of not being able to do it all yourself, not knowing how to do it all, or you want to leverage your talents and delegate the stuff that you just aren't good at. Excellent. Now you need to hire someone. Here is a handful of tips that I have gathered [...]