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Do You Have An Action Plan?

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Last week, I discussed having a vision. Having a vision is important. You need to know where you are going. Now that you have you have a vision, do you have a plan to get you to where you want or need to be? Sometimes you can be fancy and call your road map a [...]

Are You Using This as a Form of Torture?

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Are you using a To Do list to keep on track? How many items do you have on it? Do you have everything on there, including the kitchen sink? If so, then stop it! A To Do list that has more than a few items is showing that you have either confused quality with quantity OR [...]

Be allergic to good enough

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Do you know what being good enough means? Good enough means you settled. You lowered your standards. You don’t think you or your clients deserve better. It also means you are playing small. Good enough means you are in a pool of mediocrity. And fear perpetuates mediocrity. What are you putting off to avoid possible [...]