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Money Mindset: 15 Revenue Generating Activities

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When you work with a business coach, one of the things you will be told is to work on revenue generating activities. Yes, it is important to file your taxes and pay your suppliers. But without revenue, you won’t have taxes or suppliers to pay. What are revenue generating activities? They are what you do [...]

How To Succeed at Hiring an Assistant

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You have reached the point of not being able to do it all yourself, not knowing how to do it all, or you want to leverage your talents and delegate the stuff that you just aren't good at. Excellent. Now you need to hire someone. Here is a handful of tips that I have gathered [...]

How to Start Fresh Like a Champ

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If you have been taking it easy and want to ease into starting the 'back to school' / 'back to work' season with focus and zeal, here is a collection of the mini-projects I will be working on for the next little while. I welcome you to join along with me! Fresh Start Project #1: [...]