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6 Reasons You Should Ask for Referrals

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Referrals are an often overlooked means to growing your business. Here are my top reasons why you need to find the courage and ask for them: Referrals don’t cost money: Yes, you have to take the time to make the calls or send out the warm letters. Other than that, referrals can an affordable part [...]

Why You Should Customize Your Employment Policies

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These days, you can buy a boiler plate policies and procedures manual. You can just go to your friendly neighbourhood office supply store or bookstore and buy it. Phew! What a relief! Not really. There are three problems with buying and implementing standardized policies:  Your company culture is unique Your organizational values and objectives are [...]

Are little errors starting to happen?

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Why do I ask that? It is one of the signs that it is time to get some help. The main signs are: You have turned down work. Quality issues are surfacing like missed deadlines, administrative errors, product returns, and customer complaints. Excessive overtime. When was the last time you took a day or even [...]

Hiring: How to do a Needs Analysis

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Sometimes a job opening arises because someone left an existing position. Sometimes you just have a sense that you are working longer hours and cannot keep up. Or other people on the team are overworked. Here are some of the signs that it is time to look at the quality and the quantity of your [...]

Recruiting Mistakes You Can Avoid

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I am sharing some tips on the recruiting mistakes I have come across in my research the past few months. Some of these are simply no brainers and I am positive there are more items we could add to this list. These are some issues I have had people ask me about and discussed in [...]

The Importance of Commitment in Business

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In business and in life, you need to set some goals and then you need to implement and follow-through on them. There are a few articles in this blog on goal setting, including how to set SMART goals and reviewing targets. (Check them out here: Here is a high level summary of some of [...]

My Top Three Candidate Screening Strategies

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Here are three strategies you can implement to improve your candidate base before you meet anyone. Ask for a cover letter and resume I am a stickler for spelling and grammar. I appreciate that society has relaxed its views around it, yet for me, it speaks more to attention to detail than a reliance on texting [...]

Why I Started Checking for Resilience

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I was watching Barbara Corcoran’s TED Talk on Rethinking Failure. One of the key messages that popped out for me was the ability to handle failure. Her message was that her successes always came on the heels of failure. One of the qualities that helps a person recover from failure is resilience. It is the [...]