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Goal Setting in December: How Unoriginal!

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This time of year, you either see stuff about finishing the year strong or setting goals for the upcoming year. It all makes sense. We have been programmed to set New Year's resolutions. Most companies have their fiscal year timed with the calendar year, so you set goals at the beginning of the calendar year [...]

How Workplace Bullying Nearly Ruined Me

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From early on in my career, I always got head-hunter calls. When you reach a certain level of expertise, they find you. This was before LinkedIn and Facebook, and they could still find you. At the time, I was not interested in going anywhere. Sure, my boss ignored me most of the time, but I [...]

Why Employee Turnover Is Expensive and What You Can Do About It

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As we grow our businesses, there comes a time where we need to hire someone to pick up the slack. Oftentimes, these are the entry-level jobs. While entry-level jobs aren’t the highest paying jobs, turnover can make them expensive because you are spending time, money, and resources in hiring and training new employees. What is [...]

Three Simple Tools to Keep You on Track

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Here are my top three tools to keep on track: First: Schedule Everything This works for everyone, whether you are running a business, running a family, or both! The power of getting things done is to make time for it. This includes self-care, business development, client work, sitting down and doing homework with your kids... [...]