Branding and profanity

//Branding and profanity

Branding and profanity

There is a trend I have noticed where people just don’t care about political correctness and keeping things PG. To attract their audience, they are going to the end of the spectrum where swearing a blue streak is all that they do. This foul language is in their videos, in their newsletters, and it comes flying out at you when you chat with them in person. Cussing has become part of their branding.

Branding is incredibly important for businesses and individuals. Good branding differentiates you in the noisy marketplace and helps people find you. It tells potential customers what they can expect from you. It helps polarize the masses so that only those who identify with you or resonate with you will contact you.

People work hard to establish a brand. After going through defining mission, vision, and values, the designers come up with a logo, a voice of the brand is created, and the messaging that you deliver in your marketing is created. Then it gets implemented and infused throughout everything in your business.

There is a need to be consistent with your brand. And sometimes that brand includes using profanity. I don’t judge the use of profanity. I used to work as the HR Manager in a steel factory and could out-swear a steelworkers’ union rep like nobody’s business. I also work with coaches who use potty language. It doesn’t bother me. It is used like punctuation; to draw attention to a point.

However, I think there is a fine line between using profanity as punctuation to deliver your message and using profanity because you lack the imagination to come up with other adjectives to describe the message you are trying to deliver.

Use your imagination. Come up with new words to use. It will improve your image and get your message delivered to a broader audience.

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