Goal Setting in December: How Unoriginal!

This time of year, you either see stuff about finishing the year strong or setting goals for the upcoming year. It all makes sense. We have been programmed to set New Year’s resolutions. Most companies have their fiscal year timed with the calendar year, so you set goals at the beginning of the calendar year […]

The Importance of Commitment in Business

In business and in life, you need to set some goals and then you need to implement and follow-through on them. There are a few articles in this blog on goal setting, including how to set SMART goals and reviewing targets. (Check them out here: https://www.michellehamelin.ca/category/goal-setting.) Here is a high level summary of some of […]

10 Steps to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

I put this together for a client group, which resulted in a fantastic booklet with action steps and exercises. Here are the highlights. Step 1: Know where you want to go. Each step in your career takes you in a direction. Are you going where you want to go? Take some time to evaluate where you […]

Why You Should Review Your Targets Daily

If you have been hanging around with me for a while, you will know that I recommend you do something and add that it triggers something in your subconscious. For example, there is this entry in my Facebook group from over the weekend: Reviewing your targets every day triggers something in your subconscious. You will […]

How to Start Fresh Like a Champ

If you have been taking it easy and want to ease into starting the ‘back to school’ / ‘back to work’ season with focus and zeal, here is a collection of the mini-projects I will be working on for the next little while. I welcome you to join along with me! Fresh Start Project #1: […]

The 5 Best Resources for Goal Setting

Here are some of my favorite goal setting resources, from the author of the first audio book I ever bought, Jim Rohn, through to one of the most comprehensive subscription websites I belong to, Mind Tools. Enjoy! Resource #1: Rohn: 4 Tips for Setting Powerful Goals We all have two choices: We can make a […]