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What are your core values?2018-12-11T04:11:34+00:00

When you work with me, I am going to ask you to do this, so here is mine.

Fun: There has to be some fun in the work.

Accountability: Do what you say you are going to do.

Honesty: Have integrity, be honest, admit mistakes.

Development: We are all here to grow and be better than we were before.

Respect: Treat yourself and others with respect.

What are the business issues in which you are most qualified?2015-03-12T08:20:46+00:00

My corporate experience is in Human Resources, which means I can help out with a ton of people issues. I have extensive experience in training, too, covering everything from dealing with difficult people through to advanced customer service. My joy is helping small business owners create and implement the plan to break through revenue ceilings.

With what kind(s) of clients do you work best?2015-03-12T08:23:26+00:00

I work best with people who are willing to do the work. I see excuses as fear rising up and will help you bust through it. My coach (yes, I have a coach… why would you hire a coach who doesn’t have a coach?) says: “This s*** is hard, that’s why it works.” I try to break down the barriers, but sometimes you just have to do the hard things. I also believe that work should be fun and we can all make a difference.

What is your personal coaching style?2018-12-11T04:11:34+00:00

My style tends to be direct and sometimes systematic, although I adapt to the situation. I am a planner by nature, which means I work with you to gather facts, analyze the work, and then help you create a plan to get to your goals. I keep you accountable and emphasize positive outcomes, while keeping an eye on the deadline established. I provide you with candid feedback and offer solutions. I believe that we should have fun along the way, so expect some laughter.

What credentials do you have in coaching or in other related fields?2015-03-12T08:23:05+00:00

I earned my MBA with a major in marketing at Queen’s University in Canada. In addition, I studied transformational coaching with Gina DeVee from the United States.

What is your experience coaching business owners?2015-03-12T08:22:42+00:00

I have coached and consulted with small to medium-sized businesses. I have worked with health coaches, copywriters, astrologers, financial planners, construction associations, and cable and internet installers… just to name some.

What is your background in business?2015-03-12T08:16:02+00:00

I have 20 years of corporate experience, working for small, medium, and huge multi-national organizations. Since leaving the corporate world, I have built two businesses: the first, my coaching and consulting business; the second, a residential cleaning business from scratch to six figures in a year. Both businesses continue to thrive.