Finding your bliss

//Finding your bliss

Finding your bliss

Last week, I had to buy cheerleading shoes. Yes, that is a thing, and shoes like white Keds are definitely not good enough. I was sent to a figure skating shop to find them. From there, I was sent to the dance costume shop around the back of the building and upstairs to get them.

I entered the land of glittery body suits and dance costumes. The costumes in this store are made to order. There was only a modest selection of body suits available for purchase. I couldn’t imagine that this would be the purveyor of plain white cheerleading shoes. The figure skating shop with the wall of white boots made more sense. I had to ask for help.

I met the owner, chief costume designer and fabricator. He led us to a corner where there were a few pairs of shoes on display. He immediately took care of our cheerleading shoe needs. While he was getting the right size shoes for my daughter, I had a chance to look around.

In the window was this fabulous tutu. So fabulous that even I, newly exposed to this world of dance, could recognize it for what it was: art. And I commented on how fabulous it was. Another mother overheard me and suddenly noticed it. She said that tutu was suitable for a grande ballerina.

Then I got the story of its creation. He loves costume design and construction and if he could, that is all that he would do. A couple of years ago, he took two months off to do workshops in New York City. The tutu was one of his projects. To hear him talk of the work doing the wiring for the tutu (the top stands out horizontally) and shopping in the garment district and the people he has worked with… For a moment in time, he was back in his bliss, reliving the joy of costume design.

I want to go back and get him talking about it again. He was so happy reliving his bliss.

As you go about this week, I would like you to think about when you have been in your bliss. How can you carve out a few moments of time to get back there? And then do it.

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