How Do I Know I Am Ready for an Assistant?

//How Do I Know I Am Ready for an Assistant?

How Do I Know I Am Ready for an Assistant?

After you have been running your business for a while, you may start wondering when it is time to actually hire someone to help you out. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you have been doing late night research on how to clone yourself. Maybe the work has grown to fill all the space you have and then some. Here are four signs that you are ready to hire an assistant:

You are working too hard

That is right. You can be working too hard, even when pursuing your passion. If you pay attention, you will notice you are working too hard when:

  • Your self-care is diminishing. When did you last go to the gym or take a day off?
  • You aren’t finding things fun anymore.
  • You are dreading when the phone rings.
  • You don’t remember the last time you went out with friends.

You are only working on ‘in’ your business activities, not ‘on’ your business activities

What does that mean? You are only working on customer work or administration, but you aren’t working on filling the funnel for when the existing customer work is done. As the owner of your business, you need to demonstrate leadership. If you are getting bogged down by little details that someone else could handle easily, it is time to delegate.

Things are falling through the cracks

You are so busy putting out fires or burning the midnight oil to get some client work done, that important things like paying your key supplier or filing a regulatory report does not get done.

You have the money to do it

You need to be able to afford to pay an assistant. If you don’t think you have the funds to do it, consider the cost of the lost business or the fines for not filing the regulatory reports. If you just need to ease into it, hire someone for 3 hours a week. You’ll be amazed at how much gets done when someone is focused on it for 3 hours.

So… Is it time to hire an assistant? If you are reading this, you either need to or are pretty close to needing to do it.


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