OMG! I have a team! Now what?!! Some tips on team management

//OMG! I have a team! Now what?!! Some tips on team management

OMG! I have a team! Now what?!! Some tips on team management

Back in my corporate days, this is the time of year where everyone would be scrambling to complete performance reviews. Employees would draft the review based on their perceived performance compared to their goals. Managers would edit and approve the reviews. Senior management would provide final approvals.

To support the process, my HR colleagues and I would provide training and guidance on how to complete the forms and deliver messages.

From all that, there were a some top tips that we made sure new managers had in their toolkits so that they were set up for success. Some of your have teams or are in the process of building your teams, so here you go:

Top Three Tips to Improve Employee Engagement and Performance

1. Set Clear Goals and Expectations
To have a high performing team, your team members need to know what is expected of them. Don’t assume that they will know what you expect. Establish goals with a clean line of sight to organizational objectives so that they are meaningful and provide motivation.

2. Provide Regular Feedback: No One Likes Surprises
Discuss performance on a regular and informal basis. Waiting for quarterly, or *gasp*, the annual review does not serve anyone because it does not provide adequate time to make the small corrections to get back on course. Be proactive and include information and numbers that show how a position contributes to the big picture.

3. Allow for Open Communication
Be open-minded and allow employees to express their ideas without criticism. Practice active listening. Address concerns if you can and explain if you cannot. Communicate any organizational news internally before it gets to the media.

There are many more tips to managing your team. Starting with these will get you pointed in the right direction.

Happy team building!

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