Michelle’s Areas of Expertise

Business Coaching & Consulting

If you have been running your business for a year or more and have had a bit of success, and yet still find yourself wondering ‘I’m sure I could do better. What should I do now?’… Grab a seat because I am here to help. …read more.

Destination VIP Intensive

I am offering private, powerful, focused-on-you VIP Intensive Days in beautiful locations all over the world. … read more.


I travel both nationally and internationally, speaking to a wide variety of audiences. I can tailor each presentation to your needs, working with you to address your industry and audience. … read more.

Michelle Hamelin’s Other Services

Are you open to feedback and willing to create positive change? Many entrepreneurs discover that building a company is a more difficult project than they expected. Getting your company to perform the way you want it to is challenging, but the rewards are enormous. It begins with you. And we can help.

Why Choose Us

      • Get your company on track.
      • Short-term plans are a great way to flex the planning muscle.
      • If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t happen. Write it down.
      • Do you have a business bucket list?
      • Have a checklist for your processes.

What Clients Say

I just had my first meeting with Michelle. What an amazing connection. I was feeling a little lost and feeling unsure if I was chasing a dream that was impossible. I feel very blessed that I made this connection. Within 10 minutes of our conversation, the help and suggestions she offered were amazing. I really feel that I have some direction.
Tracy Corneau Thorndyke, Tangles & Co.
Michelle is a wealth of knowledge around getting focused, getting out of overwhelm, and prioritizing for entrepreneurs who want to stop going in circles and start making money. She had such great suggestions for me related to organizing myself, promoting through social media, and gathering a supportive team. I highly recommend her!
Jill Hendrickson, Transformational Coach
Michelle, I love your insight, down to earth point of view and rock solid coaching. You know how to get to the point in a simple, easy-going manner!
Rebekkah Hanson, Constellations to Cash