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How Does It Work?

This program is delivered either in-person or by Skype.

You get a pre-coaching discovery form to complete and hand in, so that we are on the same song sheet.

6 X 90 minute sessions with just the two of us

6 Quick Calls to keep you on track and focussed

Unlimited email support from me.

A half-way review to ensure you are on point and make adjustments, as necessary.

This is good for you if…

You are wondering where the time went.

You are feeling like you have fallen behind.

You need more time, money, freedom, fun, something…

You really want to move forward.

You feel like you are being held back.

You are so caught up in things that you don’t even see opportunities in front of you.

You need and want to be held accountable so that you finally achieve your goals for your business.

This is not for you if…

You won’t do the pre-work or homework.

You aren’t going to participate fully.

You just want a quick session to get moving (consider the Booster Shot, in this case).

You have a couple of things to work through (try Your Ducks in a Row, instead).

You are not coachable.

What Is the Investment?

One payment of $5500 or six payments of $1000.


You get a complimentary Booster Shot session (value: $250)

You get complimentary admission to any of my public programs.

Get Started

It begins with you. And we can help. Let’s get started.

We help you focus, get things done and grow your business.
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