Your Ducks in a Row

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How Does It Work?

This program is delivered either in-person or by Skype.

It is a half-day/ 4 hour session. Some weekends are available.

You will have some pre-work to do before we “meet”.

There is a follow-up through Skype about two weeks after the session.

This is good for you if…

You need more than a shot in the arm to get things moving forward.

You are OK with exploring areas that are out of your comfort zone.

You would benefit from a highly focussed, distraction-free session.

You are willing to do the homework and attend the follow-up session.

You are interested in being coached and want positive results.

This is not for you if…

You won’t do the pre-work or homework.

You aren’t going to participate fully.

You just want a quick session to get moving (consider the Booster Shot, in this case).

You have a great number of things to work through (try Your Business Transformation).

You are not coachable.

What Is the Investment?

1 payment of $2500 or two payments of $1300.

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