That was totally me this morning. Has this happened to you?

I was up with the dog at 6:00 AM. After doing doggy business, I started gathering items for the kids’ lunches and realized we ran out of cookies. I needed to make some. Then, while pulling down the mixer from the shelf, I decided to make muffins because I didn’t know what I was going to feed the girls for breakfast. The bananas weren’t ripe enough. I had some apples no one was eating. I made apple muffins with maple sugar sprinkled on top. They looked good and tasted good.

At 7:15 AM, it was time to wake up the kids. Got them up and eating the muffins with some sliced fruit on the side. Received a “these are really good, Mom” reward. Phew.

I still needed cookies. I couldn’t find a recipe that the kids would like that matched the ingredients I had and didn’t require melting chocolate. I took a recipe and doctored it up to suit what I had. I made lunches while cookies were baking. I got the first eight cookies out of the oven in time for the kids to do a taste test and agree they would be a good addition to their lunches. The oven was on, and I still had cookie batter in the mixing bowl, so I proceeded with baking the rest of them.

Finally finished and cleaned up by 9:30 AM.

Should this have happened? Probably not. I am the one who coaches and consults about planning and goal setting and having a team and improving your business. You would think that I would have had cookies and breakfast figured out the night before. I wish I was perfect… I wish I never, ever got off track. But I know I am human. Things happen along the way to being your ideal self.

This whole thing was invisible to the onlooker. It was my inside game that was messed up. I had negative self-talk going on because I wasn’t being the perfect mother. There was an internal debate about going to the grocery store to buy cookies instead of making them. That was crossed with the risk of not being home on time to wake the kids and “what if they sleep in” and that is just another nightmare. I then beat myself up for sacrificing my plan for my business day to strive towards being a better mother. It’s a chicken and egg thing for me. One of my big “whys” is to work less than full-time so that I can spend more time with my kids. If I don’t get my work done, I don’t have the resources… You get the idea.

Today, I was grateful for having a flexible schedule. I was also grateful for being able to whip up a reasonably healthy breakfast my kids ate and cookies that were deemed acceptable. I figured out my priorities and implemented a hastily-put-together plan.

The day was not lost. I was back on track by lunchtime. It is amazing what a sense of urgency and some personal accountability can do to get you moving. My focus was disrupted for a bit and it was hard to get it back, and when I did, it all came together. Also, I have leftovers: apple muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast and double chocolate cookies (that taste like brownies) on lunches for the rest of the week.

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